5+ Android Battery Saving Tips

Battery Saving Tips Android 2021: Smart phone has become the need of everyone in today’s time, whether it is to run Facebook in mobile or to watch videos on YouTube or to search anything, as without mobile all this is not possible, Now if you use a similar mobile, then you must have faced the problem of battery in the mobile too.

How to Increase Battery Life on Android Phones

The battery of your mobile also drains very quickly and you are tired of charging the mobile again and again, you want to increase the battery life of your smartphone, that is, to save as much battery as possible, in today’s article We are going to give you some such tips, by following which you can save your mobile battery to a great extent.
how to save battery in android mobile

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If you have an Android smartphone, then the problem of battery life is common, no matter what the smartphone is, the mobile battery has some limit, on that basis, you can easily increase the battery life of your phone if you use it. You can increase the battery life of smart phone, here I will tell you about how to save battery in android mobile.

No matter what cell phone service you’re using, we all know how frustrating it can be when your phone’s battery runs out, so we’ve rounded up 8 ways to keep your battery running for longer. A list of methods has been prepared.

Mobile Battery Charge Method

The phone should always be charged with its original charger. If you use a charger other than the original charger, it can damage both the phone and the battery. It would be better if you switch off the phone and let it charge. This charges the phone quickly.

Keep Phone Software Updated

If you want to use Android phone for a long time then you have to always keep the system software up-to-date.

Reduce the brightness of the phone screen

Your screen is your phone’s primary battery sucker, and the brighter the screen, the faster your battery will drain. Most smartphones include an Auto-Brightness feature that automatically adjusts the brightness.

Turn off background data on mobile

To disable background data on Android mobile, open the Settings application. To go to the Data option, click on Data Usage. All Installed Apps list which is installed in your mobile. The application whose background data is to be disabled. Click on that app.

Turn off Auto Update Apps in Play Store

The way to save mobile battery life is to turn off auto update apps by going to the play store of your mobile, because whenever you are on a WiFi and there is an update in the mobile, you have seen that the playstore is updating all. gives.

Use ringtone instead of vibration

The Vibration Motor process takes a lot more power than a ringtone, makes a quick switch and saves battery life.

Take care of temperature

Believe it or not, tempering can play a part in reducing the battery life of your smartphone. The most damage to the battery is caused by temperature, if you live in a hot place then your phone’s battery will be damaged quickly.

Reduce Screen Timeout on Your Phone

Similarly, you can reduce the time the display is turned on by reducing the time until your display is in use.

How To Extend Battery Life, How To Save Battery In Android Mobile? If you are thinking that you will increase battery backup by installing battery saving or battery boosting app then you are absolutely wrong.

Battery boosting apps themselves consume battery and the ads in these free apps further deplete the battery backup. These apps pretend to kill your other apps from the background, but still many apps or services keep running.

Reverse battery saving apps run in the background for 24 hours and affect your battery. Don’t fall for such apps. Make the best use of Android’s own battery saving mode or adaptive battery mode.

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